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Group Classes

AKC Star Puppy

Positive reinforcement training and socialization. Puppies learn the basics of sit, down, come, impulse control games, leave it, loose leash walking, puppy fitness, problem solving discussions and solutions with new behaviors and experiences every week! (agility and K9 fitness equipment) Your puppy will learn to offer preferred behaviors without being asked! Appropriate for puppies that already know the basics.
6 week class is for one handler and puppy.  $130

Therapy Dog/ESA Team Training

Class will help prepare teams for community service. In addition to classroom work, we will have outings in public.
We begin by tuning up basic obedience skills, exposure to medical equipment, and focus on mental and physical fitness.
Includes testing for the AKC Canine Good Citizen, AKC Community Canine, Urban titles and prepare for a variety of therapy dog tests and testing for Therapy Pets Unlimited.
This class is also appropriate for handlers that are training the foundations for their own service/ES dog.
 8 week class. $250

Canine Good Citizen Testing
​All Levels $30

Therapy Pets Unlimited Testing



In Home Private Lesson Packages

#1 Single In Home Lesson

1 1/2 hours.  $130

#2 Best Puppy Package

5 In home lessons

6 months of Zoom, text and phone support.  $650

#3 Best Puppy + Enrichment and Fitness Package

Includes Best Puppy Package PLUS 3 half hour private lessons at our Puppy Gym in the University Area. Puppy is introduced to many enrichment and age appropriate activities including ball pit, puppy size agility equipment, and FitPaws K9 Fitness equipment allows your puppy to appropriately develop mind and body!  $900

#4 Blue Ribbon Puppy Package

Includes Best Puppy + Enrichment Package PLUS 3 one hour Out on the town lessons, Focus is on working skills in public and includes the AKC Star Puppy and  Canine Good Citizen Test.  $1200

**All packages can be tailored to older dogs over 1 year old.

Service Dog, Psychiatric and ESA training.  

BRK9 offers customized training based on the tasks required of your dog. Upon successful completion, dog and handler team will be certified by BRK9 and registered with the State of North Carolina. Training begins with the #2 training package above.